6 Best Instagram Photo Downloader Tools For Pc & Android

6 Best Instagram Photo Downloader Tools -  If you are looking for the ultimate instagram photo downloader tools for both PC & Android then you have come to right place. So today i am going to show you 6 Best Instagram Photo Download Tools For Pc & Android where you can save all the instagram photos, video and instagram story in your gallery. 

 Instagram Photo Downloader

In this article i will show you some online website for PC and best instagram photo downloader Apps for Android phones. Note -You can use these online website as your instagram photo downloader if you don't want to install any apps on your smartphone, it can save your storage. 

Through these tools you can download any instagram users photos,videos and story That's why these are the ultimate photo downloader tools . All the photos and videos you download all are save in your gallery.

 6 Best Instagram Photo Downloader Tools

3 Best Online Tools

1. Insta Downloader

Insta Downloader is a completely free website to download instagram photos,videos and insta story. I also like this website which are pretty easy to use. This website provide high quality image without compress any image and video. This feature make this website a ultimate instagram photo downloader.

Features of this website;
  • No need to login your account
  • Paste photo or video link which you want to download
  • You can download anyone DP by pasting profile link
  • No need to login and Easy to use
Visit Insta Downloader - insta-downloader.net

 Instagram Photo Downloader

2. 10insta.net

When it comes to the all in one instagram photo and video downloader website i always suggest 10insta.net . Many  website do not provide insta stories download feature beacause 10insta.net provide you insta stories download feature.This website comes with simple interface.

Features of this website;

  • Download anyone insta stories by typing "username"
  • paste photo or video link to download.
  • Simple interface
  • High quality image download
Instagram Photo Downloader Tools


When it comes to a simple and beautiful instagram photo downloader website DownloadGram . DownloadGram  doesn't have many feature. Its a have a good looking interface. 
Visit DownloadGram - DownloadGram

Best Instagram Photo Downloader

Features of this website;

  • Simple user interface
  • Paste photo or video link to download 
  • High quality image downloader

3 Best Instagram Photo Downloader Tools For Android

1.FastSave For Instagram

If you're an IOS user you can skip this paragraph beacause this FastSave For Instagram  application is only available for Android.There is always a chance that we will get an IOS app in future.

Fastsave is excellent because it's an easy to use and simple interface and saving multiple photos and videos from instagram directly to your smartphone. You can re-post the content you have downloaded it. Make sure you're not violet instagram terms and condition.

Features of this FastSave For  Instagram
  • Easy-to-use and attractive dashboard 
  • Option to repost, share and delete from the FastSave app
  • Hide Saved photos in a secure folder
  • Creat photo sideshows in the app
  • Download picture quickly

Instagram Photo Downloader


VidLike is a all photo & video downloader app, youcan download many social platform like Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook video, Whatsapp Status, Twiter videos etc.This app is my favourite for instagram photo and video downloader. This app is very easy to use and it won't take up too much space on your android device.

App link -Click Here

Instagram Photo Downloader

Features of this VidLike App
  • Simple user interface
  • Download Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook video, Whatsapp Status, Twiter videos etc
  • No need to make any in -app-purchasees
3. Video Downloader  - For Instagram Repost App

Video Downloader app comes with simple interface and easy to use. Like all downloader ,app you can simply copy that post link in dashboard to download any image or video.  This app help you to save multiple photo at one time. 

App Link -Click Here

You can repost the content you've downloaded . Make sure you're not violet any instagram terms & condition. Don't forget to give credit if you re-post any one post.

Features of this Video Downloader App
  • Download video or repost from instagram & vine
  • IGTV downloader
  • Download picture or repost from instagram & vine
  • copy tags from instagram

Instagram Photo Downloader

 If You Don't Download Anything To Your Gallery

If you don't want to download anything to your gallery or storage but you want  to collect images and videos , then there is anouther way.

Downloading an image is not the only way to keep it. you can also bookmark picture in instagram. You can create collection in instagram .

 If You Don't Download Instagram Stories

If you to save few photos and videos from stories there are lots of android apps available in playstore

But in this case i will suggest you to use a website like 10insta.net , which can save your phone storage. This website comes with simple interface you just to type the username which you want to download instagram stories. You can simply take a screenshot to save anyone instagram story feature.

Instagram Data Download For Yor Own Photos

If you are looking for a instagram photo downloader tool beacause you want to download own images from the instagram app, then you do not need to install any thired party apps or website. 

The application was  designed to make instagram complinant with the laws of GDPR  It ensures that any user can conect a copy of all the data they have ever shared on  instagram

  • Login to instagarm on the browser of your choice 
  • Click on "Gear" on Settings icon 
  • Select Privacy and Security
  • Click on Account Privacy 
  • Go to the header that says Data Download and click on Request Data Download
  • Confirm Your email address
Instagram will automatically , place your information into a neat package that you can access via a download link . It can take upyo 48 hours to get your email from Instagram 

I hope this article on 6 Best Instagram Photo Downloader Tools For Pc & Android is helpfull to yu.  Please dont be cheap to share the collection with also to your friends.

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