Top 5 Best Google Apps You Have No Idea About (2019)

Best Google Apps

There are Various Best Google Apps that we use in our day to day life like  Youtube, Gmail, Chrome, Maps etc. Did you know Google has published more than 100 apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

In this article i am going to show you 5 Best Google Apps you have no idea about. These Apps are already available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store no matter you are a Android or IOS user so you can download these apps from your Apps Store.

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So here are the Top 5 Best Google Apps You don't know about

Best Google Apps

1. Bolo: Learn To Read With Google

Bolo is a app by google which is designed for primary grade children. This app helps to improve children's English & Hindi reading and speaking skill's by encouraging them to read a loud and giving them instant feedback. You can use this app when it completely  offline . Bolo is powered by a helpful tutor named "Diya" which is the same peach recognition engine like Google Assistant. The app feature stories in both english and hindi for indian consumer. 
Multiple children's can use the same app and track their progress separately. Children's can also play iinteresting  word games. Through this children's can learn english and hindi in a fun way. So many many thanks to google who now focus on children"s education. If you want to learn  your child english or hindi then this is a Best Google Apps for you.

Best Google Apps

Download App - Bolo

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a complete & professional photo editor app developed by Google.  Snapseed is best photo editor app because this app provide many features. This app provide many filters. This app also come with White balance, Vignette, Glamour Glow and tones of features. A feature called "Healing" which remove the uninvited neighbor from a group picture.  This is a best photo editor app on Google play store.This is also a Best Google Apps.

The best feature from Snapseed app is "Lens Blur" feature, you can get blur effect in non blur photo. In a portrait image you can change add focus to the eyes, add face specific lighting. through Face Enhance feature.Many social influencer use this app to edit photo. 

Best Google Apps

Download App - Snapseed

3. Datally : Data Saving App By Google

Datally is a smart app by Google which helps you to manage & save your mobile data/ internet. This is a very useful apps for those who's facing problem of mobile data.Some apps work on background without our permission Data Saver mode ca stop these app which work on bacround and save your mobile data. This is one of the Best Google Apps.

Features Of Datally
  • Bed Time Mode feature automatically  turn off data at night . 
  • Emergency Bank feature  save a little data for later in case you need it.
  • Manage Your Data- see which app use how much data and control overall usage.
  • You can share data to friends and family.
  • Track Hotspot - Set a limit of data your friends can use from your hotspot .
  • VPN -  This app provide a Virtual Private Network service which block unwanted mobile data usage.
Best Google Apps

4. Google Tasks : Any Task, Any Goal

Google Tasks app is productivity based app. You can set your goal for today like what to do. If you are a person who forget important task or who want to increase productivity then this app is for you. You can create task list with your most important to-dos. 

This app is basically a task manager, where you can manage all your task. This app is very helpful for increase productivity. You should try this app. This is a Best Google Apps you can use.

Best Google Apps

Download App - Google Tasks

5. Expeditions

Another good app by google is Expeditions this app is not popular but this is so interesting app. This is a virtual reality technology tool that lets you lead and join immersive virtual trips all over the world and lets you get up close with Historical landmarks , Under water with Shark, and Outer Space

You can use VR Box or Google Card Board for better experience. This app is so exiting and interesting so you should try this app at least one time\.  This is also a Best Google Apps.

Best Google Apps

Download App - Expeditions

So here are the Best Collection of 5 Best Google Apps You Have No Idea About (2019).

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