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4 Common Mobile Network Myths That Aren't True

A popular jokes comes from last decade :- The radiation from 2 phones is enough to cook an egg. The mobile network in India is running 4G LTE service and after some year India will use 5G network. The Continuously mobile network technology growing day by day but still there are some hype of Common Mobile Network Myths. 

Apart from that some of the myths also turned into trends for short period and some myths turned into reality. How ever we are here to explain these 4 Common Mobile Network Myths. 

If you are come to know about the 4 Common Mobile Network Myths then you are in the right place. Today we are going to show you some popular myth on mobile network.

Myth.1 - If We Use Phone While Lightning Then Phone Will Blast

This is a very popular myth by people. You also face that situation when lightning outside your mom or dad also said : Don't use phone or don't use calling service while lightning . So today we will also breakdown this myth.

First Remember, there is no connection between lightning and your mobile network. If you are outside in the house while lightning so don't stand near any metallic object , top of any mountain hill or near any water sources. 

If you use your mobile phone outside of home or a open space then there are increase chance of lightning can harm you Not because you are using mobile phone because of you are in outside of home or in a open space.

Note - If you are using Landline Phone while Lightning then You Are In DANGER. Because of landline wire. The lightning can come through wire and it will harm you so stay away from Landline phone.

If you are using a Smartphone or Mobile while lightning then don't worry it will not harm you.  Don't plugin your charger with mobile, computer plug, fridge plug and other any wire device to electric board.

Myth.2 - Raising Your Phone Towards The Sky For Better Network

It's amusing when the people raise there hands and searching to get better call and internet speed. The truth is that raising your phone higher or climbing to the top of the building won't guarantee for better network . However using the phone while waking or in a moving vehicle might impact on the network connectivity performance. 

In theory the closer you are to cell tower the better mobile network your phone will get.

Myth.3 - Using VPN To Boost Internet Speed And Signal

This is a very popular myth , people think if they using a VPN service then VPN can increase the speed of internet. That's the cost of privacy you will have to pay. If you want  to get faster browsing experience then why not look for a better network provider ?

Ookla made a internet speed test app, where you can check real time internet speed. Ookla certified that Airtel leads when it comes to internet speed. 

Myth.4 - Download Network Signal Booster Apps From Play store

Google Play store have many fake apps. There are some apps claim to boost your mobile network and increase your internet speed  Yes there are some apps who shows the real time internet speed but there are no apps on play store who can boost your network and increase internet speed.  When you install These fake apps  shows Ads on your face and earn money from it.  

These type of Apps is 100% FAKE, these type of apps main motive is shows ads on your face and only earn money.

Now I Think You Already Gain A Lots Of  knowledge So Share This Article On "4 Common Mobile Network Myths That Aren't True" With Your Family Members And Friends.

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