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How To Send Photos From Mobile To PC

Send Photos From Mobile To PC is a common problem faced by people. So many people send photos from monile to pc byt the quality of that image is getting very low after send photos from mobile to pc. Which is very common problrm.

If you are one of them who want to send photos from mobile to pc with original quality, don't worry we are in 21st century and we have a lots of techniques to send photos with original quality.

Let's see some methods to send photos

1. Send Photos Using Telegram Software

This is my personal favaurite method to send to photos from mobile to pc. If you want to use this method follw these steps-

Step.1 - You need to download telegram on PC Using This Link . Also Download Telegram on your Smart phone Use This Link . After download you need to install Telegram software on PC.

Step.2 - After installation in both device, then you need to sign in mobile with a number and sign in in PC with another number. 

Step.3 - After success fully sign in, now this is ready to share photos.

Now You can share photos from mobile to PC and PC to mobile without loss any quality of that image 

3. Send Photos Using USB

Send a photos or a file using USB is very old method, but still some people don't know how to send photos through USB. This method is easy to use.

Step.1- Connect your phone to pc through USB.

Step.2 - swipe down  your notification bar and there are a new notification shown as "USB charging this device" tap on that then tap on "Transfer Files' 

Step.3 - Then open "My Computer" on your PC and there are a folder called in your phone name open that. that's it.

Now you can transfer photos or files from mobile to pc or pc to mobile.

3. Send Photo Using Cloud Service

Hey you can send photos using cloud services. Through this service 1st your photo is going to be save in cloud then you have to download in you pc or mobile by specific link or sign in with that account.

There are so many cloud service available in market but i will suggest you some trusted cloud services. This is also very popular  method to transfer data.

1. Use Google Drive 

We all know google is a very authentic brand also very safe so you can use Google Drive to share photos. So if you want to this service then make sure you have a G MAIL account. Without GMAIL you can't use this app.

How to use Google Drive- 

Step.1- First go to google drive App sign in with your Gmai. After successfully sign in Tap New button to upload photos or file.

Step.2 - After upload a file click on that file click on 3 dot menu and tap on share copy that link and send that link to your pc and download in your pc/

Anouther Method- first upload that file in your phone to google drive then sign in google drive in your pc with same gmail account. After that download that file.

How To Send Photos From Mobile To PC

2. Use Dropbox

Dropbox is a another cloud service like Google Drive all the procedure is same in the case of Dropbox. 

How To Send Photos From Mobile To PC

These 3 techniques is easy for transfer any photos but I will suggest to use Telegram Software because this is easy to use and handy feature.

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