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How To Update Google Play Service Easily

I know guys you are frustrated because some apps on your android phone have kind of stopped working or some apps or games should ask for update your google service. You noticed a error that states "The app won't work unless you update Google Play Service" Right ?

All google apps and some games required google play service to run, here we should know google play service should be updated.

Note- If you search Google play service on Google Play Store , you won't find it, well then How To Update Google Play Service ?

Hey Don't worry, it's not a rocket science. If you are one of them who want to know How To Update Google play service, then in this article i will show you How you can update your Google Play Service on your android phone. But before that let's know about Google Play Service a little bit.

What is Google Play Service ?

Google Play Service  is a system based services packed inside one app. Google play service help in smooth functioning your device which is necessary for every android smartphone. These services are important for running of Google Play Store and other apps and games. If your Google Play Service is not till update then you will face some issue with with some apps and games. They may crash through an error or in some cases they will not lunch.

It's a core system software which works in background but you don't even noticed that, it's pre-installed on your phone. You can not see this because its does not appear in app drawer or home screen. 

Let's check various method to update it.

How To Update Google Play Service ?

1. Update From Google Play Store

Yes, you can't see directly on google play store. Use This Link to view Google Play Service on play store.  After that click on update option. If in that page "installed" option showing then your Google Play service is in latest version.

2. Update Google Play Service without Play Store

If you want to update Google Play Service without play store or manually ( specific version of Google Play Service) then in this case you need to download it's APK file. 

Here are steps in detail 

Step 1. Open the Google Play Service page on APK Mirror website. Don't worry this is one of the trusted place to download APK files.

Step 2. Scroll down and you find a lots of version of Google Play Service. And there are also you find Beta version available.

How To Update Google Play Service Easily

Step 3. Then chose the desired version you want to install, click on download button, then after some process it will start download.

Step 4. When download is completed, install that APK file. 

After that your play service will be that version which you download from APK Miror.

I Hope Your problem on How To Update Google Play Service Easily is now solved.

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