Reliance Ready To Launch Jio Gigafiber On August 12 : Report

After many speculation, hype and rumor Jio's Gigsfiber broadband project ready to launch on August 12 according to this News Paper.  This launch may be announcement by Reliance in a formal way on upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM). This Jio Gigafiber service unveiled at Reliance's 41 AGM last year.

What is Jio Gigafiber ?

If you don't know What Is Jio Gigafiber ? Then Jio Gigafiber service is a broadband service by Reliance Jio. Still exact details about Jio Gigafiber remain under wraps  The company is expected offer high speed data  with a genuine affordable price. Some reports says that the pricing of Jio Gigafiber is not going to be as low as the cellular plans.

Plans and Price 

 Reliance will launch Jio Jigafiber with multiple bundle services like TV and Landline  You can use this service in a triple way which is for the first time. The recent reports says that the entire package with 50Mbps internet voice call and TV service, will start only at Rs.600 per month where as the faster 100Mbps connection will cost Rs.1000.

Reliance has also been making a changes in Gigafiber Preview Offer before the official launch.of this. Reliance introduced a new version of Optical Network Terminal (ONT) basically it's a device which is cheaper than "Gigahub Home Gateway" router , the company offering for Rs.4500.  There are requires a security deposit on new plan of Rs. 2,500 and brings 1,100GB of 50Mbps data per month insted of the 100Mbps offered by the costlier option. 

When will The Launch ?

If you are excited for this Jio Gigafiber service then wait till August 12 because Reliance"s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will hapen on August 12 so we hope there may be announced. In Anual General meeting there may be a news on Jio celular new offers or some free data pack so wait Till August 12.

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