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TikTok User Spend Crossed $10 Million On Last Month

If you Think TikTok craze is dying out, here is a reality of TikTok craze for you. The short video sharing app known as TikTok facing loots of controversies in every country we think TikTok craze is dying out but it is going strong and growing rapidly.

A report from Sensor Tower shows that User spending inside the TikTok app reached $10 last month. as compared to $1.6 million in  june 2018.  The Growth rate is 588 percent year-over-year growth. as compared to 9 million last month . The app saw a 19% growth in user spend this time arround.

According to Sensor Tower Report shows that India is the big market for TikTok. We all know TikTok app Rapidly Growing on India but the highest user spend there time from China . Where the gross revenue of the app increased 271 percent since january this year.

After this massive growth of Tiktok, this company testing up on new feature which inspired be Instagram.

TikTok has grossed $113 million in app purchased to date and not spending so much on third party app.

This short video sharing platform has bee downloaded 1.27 billion times globally according to a report from Sensor Tower.

TikTok now rapidly growing in India Now India became Tiktok's big market This is only possible only for Jio Because Jio provide cheapest Internet service in the world.

Some People think some negativity spread throgh TikTok , so in this case my thought on that is there is no mistake of TikTok every time but there is a huge mistake from TikTok User if the users obey the guidelines of TikTok and they should able to find the deference between good and bad content also they should make videos which make positive impact on Socity.

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