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Hero Dash Electric Scooter Launched In India Starting at Price Rs.62,000

Hero Dash Electric Scooter Price & Overview

India's largest vehicle brand Hero already launched Dash electric scooter in India. This Hero Dash Electric scooter at a  starting price of Rs.62,000. The company launched this scooter at just a high price. 

Hero Dash Electric Scooter Price
Hero Dash Electric Scooter Price

Let's talk about some features of this Dash electric scooter. The Dash electric scooter comes with a 28Ah 48V  battery pack with a range of 60/kms per charge. The Hero Electric is claiming that thanks to the fast charging capability of this scooter.  It can be fully charged in under 4 hours.

The Dash features a high ground clearance of 145mm to make this electric scooter suitable to Indian road conditions. It also comes with LED DRL, LED headlight, digital instrument cluster, USB mobile charging port and a remote boot opening system. 

The CEO Mr. Sohinder Gill commenting on the launch of Hero Dash Electric scooter, Hero Electric said  " Hero electric determined to deliver the best two-wheeler mobility facility.  which is eco-friendly. The all-new Dash is our latest and lucrative offering that offering style.  Performance with li-ion battery that is portable and reliable. and I'm certain this will appeal to people of all age groups. Always we will continue to bring in new and better products and are always listening to customer feedback". 

Overall Features of Hero Dash Electric Scooter

  • Hero Dash Electric scooter starting price of Rs.62,000.
  • It Comes with 48V 28Ah battery
  • It can run 60/kms per charge 
  • It Can be fully charged in under 4 hours.
  • LED Headlight
  • Digital Instrument Cluster
  • USB Mobile charging port
  • Remote boot opening system

Should You Buy This Hero Electric Scooter?

Now it's difficult to recommend this Hero Dash Electric scooter because it's new and if you want to buy this scooter yes you can trust in Hero brand. Getting an electric scooter in this price range it's a little huge but this scooter is from a well-known company so you can buy this Hero Dash Electric Scooter.


In the past some years the trend of electric vehicle demand constantly increasing day by day.  Because of the price increase in petrol & diesel so there is another popular company like "Tesla" by Elon Musk which is also the biggest brand to produce an electric vehicle. So Hero Electric comes to this electric vehicle industry. So when so many brands come to this industry there is competition between brands so we can see discounts on electric scooters. 

In the future, these electric vehicles' demand will be increasing for the high price of petrol & diesel and the main reason for environmental pollution.  So many brands introducing with there electric Yechiels so we are going to see some discounts on these electric vehicles.

These electric vehicles are eco-friendly and it will don't harm the environment. 

The reason for making this electric scooter company wants zero-pollution and make the country greener  This is a very good decision for making this electric scooter. It will be more popular in the upcoming days. So it's the starting variants of electric scooter and Hero Electric will be introducing many models of Electric scooters so stay tuned for that. 

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