Latest Extension For Blogger | That Every Blogger Should Be Using In 2019

Hello Friend's ! In Today's blog post we are going to show you What are the Latest Extension For Blogger in 2019. If you want to get millions of visitors on your site or want to get more extra useful features which will help while writing a blog post, check grammar and find a best keyword for write a blog post. So if you want to install these extension and make more easier your blogging then this video is for you. 

If you don't know What Blogger Extension is ? Or What Is The Benefits Of These Blogger Extension ? Don't worry we are going to solve all your doubts and queries on Latest Extension For Blogger .

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What Is Extension? 

Extension is a small type of software program which customizes your browsing experience. Extensions are provides many features. You can use any extension in the Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox Browser.

What Is Blogger Extension?

We all know Nowadays so many competitors in this blogging field. Everyone wants to rank there post on top that's why they are using SEO, finding a best keyword which have high search volume & low competition and optimize there post using some advance tools. So today we are going to show you Latest Extension For Blogger, That Every Blogger Should Be Using In  2019.

So these extensions will help you to write your post in a advanced way, helping in SEO, it will help you to finding a best keyword. Which will help you to grow on this blogging field. 

If you want to use these extension you must have a computer and you  need to install Chrome browser or Mozila Firefox browser. These extension will help you to work on blogger. All these blogger extension are free you can use these without paying any money and all extension are very help full for any blogger.So let's know about these extension.

Here are some Extension for Blogger who want to enhance there work in this field.

Extension For Blogger

1- Keyword Everywhere (Best Extension For Blogger) 

Keyword Everywhere is one of the best extension for keyword research. This extension available in both Chrome browser and Mozila Firefox browser. This is a best extension for beginners because it's completely free keyword research tool. It shows any keyword's Search Volume, CPC, Competition and these are completely accurate like Google Keyword planner. I strongly recommend to use for keyword research 

Support website -  This extension shows search volume in many website like Google Search, Youtube, Bing Search, Ebay, Amazon, Google Keyword Planner, Moz etc.

For Chrome Browser - Click Here

For Mozilla Firefox Browser - Click Here

2- Grammarly (Blogger's Extension)

Grammarly is also the best extension for new bloggers. It's a unique type of extension which available for both Chrome browser and Mozilla firefox which is specially designed for content writers and those who write blog posts. Basically, Grammarly is correct your grammar while writing a blog post. Which is very helpful for those who do more spelling mistakes.  This app is available for Windows, Android, and IOS. 

After installed this extension when you do a spelling mistake it will correct you. This is very helpful for every blogger.

For Chrome Browser - Click Here

For Mozilla Firefox Browser - Click Here

3- SimilarWeb (Best Blogger Extension)

SimilarWeb is also a best extension for blogger which help to analysis a particular website. You can use this tool for analysis of a website's traffic and many more things like Traffic, Global Rank, Categorie Rank, Monthly Visitors, Visit Duration, Bounce Rate, Traffic Source like from which country and see organic social, etc,  So with the help of this extension you can see all details of your competitors website.  

For Chrome Browser - Click Here
For Mozilla Firefox Browser - Click Here


I hope these best extensions will help you to grow on this blogging field. All extension I mentioned in this post is very helpful, so you should try these extensions. I hope you like our article on Latest Extension For Blogger | That Every Blogger Should Be Using In  2019. So if you want to ask some question you can ask on the comment section below or you can ask question on our social media platform. Don't forget to share this post on your social media. 

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