Best Android Launchers 2020 Which You Should Try ?

Best Android Launchers
Best Android Launchers

When it comes to Best Android Launcher, the first option that comes in mind for a lot of people is Nova Launcher. 

While that is quite natural because Nova Launcher is providing lots of features & customization. This launcher is all time trending launcher.

But if you are finding any Best Android Launcher then you have come to the right place. 

So these launchers are very different and you can also customize these launchers. These launchers are so beautiful and also it makes your phone beautiful. 

These launchers are providing many features like change theme, add widgets, icon pack change and many more.

Cool New Best Android Launchers

1- Lawnchair (Best Android Launchers 2019)

The first launcher in this list is Lawnchair. Which is one of my favorite launcher, which comes with many advanced features? 

There are a lot of customization options in the launcher. which lets you make your phone just as you want. In this launcher, you can customize everything from theme, home widgets, desktop icon, dock & app drawer. 

I already used this launcher so this launcher providing yu many features like Nova Launcher. If you haven't tried then I will recommend using this launcher. 

Download Lawnchair - Here

2- Customized Pixel Launchers (Stock Android Launchers)

If you are someone who loves the pixel device look then this launcher for you. 

This launcher comes with pre-customized pixel looks. This launcher is for those who don't want to root there smartphone to get pixel look and also for those who don't want to install many apps to get pixel devices to look. 

This launcher is completely free on the play store.  All the icon pack is pre-installed in this launcher basically this is a very good launcher for Pixel lovers.

Download - Here

3- POCO Launcher ( Latest Android Launchers)

POCO Launcher is also a very popular launcher. Poco launcher is also customizable. 

This launcher comes with material design. There are lots of customization options like you can apply any icon pack from the play store. You can search any app through the color of that app. 

You can hide any app in this launcher. This is the Best Android Launchers you can try.

Download - Here

4- Niagara Launcher (Unique Android Launcher)

Niagara Launcher is the most unique looking launcher. After installing this launcher you have to select your most favorite app which will appear on the home screen. 

The rest of the apps will appear alphabetically.  This launcher will give you a unique look to your smartphone. This is also the best android launcher.

Download- Here

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These are the Cool New Best Android Launchers You Should Try! My favorite best android launcher is POCO launcher. 

Its a super cool unique launcher because it provides lot's of customization option like you can hide your app, also change themes like nova launcher and other features like searching any app through its color and a good interface with a cool app drawer so yaa that's why this is my favorite launcher.

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