Realme Band Features With Color Display, Heart Rate Monitoring Rs- 399

It is always difficult for newbies to find out a best smart band for him. Recently Realme Band officially unveiled. Alongside the Realme 6 series at New Delhi event. 

If You ask me what is Realme Band ? Realme band is a fitness tracker like other brand Mi, Honer, Lenovo etc. 

This is the first attempt by Realme company on fitness band. Realme Band has got a lots of new and sweet features including colored display, heart rate, sleep monitering  etc.

In this post we are going to see Realme Band features, specs and we will compare this fitness band with Mi Band.

Realme Band Features

Material Design of Realme Band 

This Realme Band comes with very sweet features. If you notice that this realme band looks like Honor 5i band with its curved design that fits perfectly your wrist.

Weight of this band is only 20 grams and it feels quite comfortable and snugly. thanks to the TPU soft material of the straps.

Realme Color Display

Moving to the most important feature of realme band is Large Color Display. It comes with 2.4CM large color display which can display a vast range more than 65,000 colors.

 Featuring a touch button, the display is very easy and intuitive to operate. Not only touch display you have also got a touch capacitive button bellow the display to control the hand.

Hang-up Calls

You can simply see incoming calls in this band which is very advanced feature.

In Realme Band its comes with 5 unique Dial Facesthat are built-in band. Simply you can change to your favorite Dial faces by the realme Link App.

Intelligent Sports Tracker

Realme band comes with sports tracker which is a best features for those who want to stay fit. 

Realme band support 9 sports mode such as running, waking, yoga, cricket, spinning, fitness, hiking, climbing and bike.

Special Cricket Mode Made For India

Cricket is now most popular sports in India so the Realme Band features a dedicated Cricket mode for india. Which is specially designed only for india. 

So this is a good news for indian cricket lover. When you next time play cricket just switch on the cricket mode of realme band and get detailed statistics about activity.

Realme Band IP68 Water Resistant

Realme band comes with IP68 rating which means its protected against sand, dust, dirt and occasional dips in the water. 

Realme Band Heart Rate Moniter

Realme Band may your 24/7 health assistant. This band comes with high precision PPG optical heart rate sensor accurately. 

You can measure your real time heart rate in every 5 minutes.

Realme Band Sleep Quality Moniter

Realme band can also moniter your quality of sleep by tracking your movement and heart rate. The algorithim analyze intelligently and generate  a report and its helps you to know about your sleep quality.


jIf you want to buy Realme Band then you can buy from Amazon or Flipkart. This watch comes with very good features in this price range.

We hope you like our article on "Realme Band Features With Color Display, Heart Rate Monitoring Launched At Rs.399". 

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